Rolling Up and Lighting Up: A Guide to Smoking Blunt Wraps

If you’re a smoker who loves to indulge in a little bit of herb occasionally, you’ve probably come across blunt wraps. Blunt wraps are essentially cigar wraps made from tobacco leaves and used to roll and smoke marijuana. If you’re new to the world of blunt wraps, then you’re in for a treat. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to roll and smoke blunt wraps like a pro.

Preparing the Blunt Wrap

The first step in rolling up a blunt wrap is to prepare it. Take the blunt wrap out of the package and remove any inside tobacco. Next, moisten the blunt wrap by licking it or running it under a faucet. This will make it better to roll.

Rolling the Blunt Wrap

Once the blunt wrap is moistened, it’s time to start rolling. Place the blunt wrap on the rolling tray with the shiny side facing down. Take your ground-up weed and sprinkle it evenly across the blunt wrap. Make sure you leave some space at the ends, as this will make it easier to seal the blunt wrap.

Using your fingers, start rolling the blunt wrap from the bottom up. Make sure you roll it strongly and evenly. Once you’ve reached the top, use your fingers to tuck in any loose weed and create a seal at the end. You can use your scissors to cut off any excess blunt wrap.

Lighting Up

Now that your blunt wrap is ready, it’s time to light up. Hold the blunt wrap at the end and use your lighter to light it up. Ensure you rotate the blunt wrap as you light it to ensure it burns evenly. Take a few puffs to ensure it’s appropriately lit, and then sit back and enjoy.

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